Daniel Landolphi, MD is a board certified cardiologist committed to providing personal and comprehensive care of the highest quality in his Deer Park, NY office.  

Some of the services offered by
Dr. Landolphi include:  

consultations, surgical clearance,
echocardiography, nuclear stress testing, and treatment for cardiovascular disease.   
Among other diseases, this includes
high blood pressure, high cholesterol,
coronary artery blockages,
arrhythmias, weakened hearts, and
“leaky” heart valves.


Dr. Landolphi’s affiliation with the NYU Winthrop Hospital enables Dr. Landolphi to provide to his patients those tests and treatments that are only available in a university hospital setting.  
Among other procedures, this would include cardiac catheterization, coronary artery stents, open heart surgery, and placement of pacemakers/implantable defibrillators.

Personal care supported by scholarly excellence, and keeping pace with the current medical literature.

1920 Deer Park Avenue

Deer Park, NY 11729


Office:  (631) 392-1680

Fax:  (631) 392-1683


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